Dynamicweb Paragraph Template Generator (Beta)

Use this webapp to create and download a ZIP file with paragraph / section templates for your Dynamicweb project.

This webapp creates a collection of Dynamicweb paragraph / section templates, including a CSS file for styling. Just download and upload the generated files to your design, include the CSS and - wupti ready to go :o)

NOTE: Click the "Preview templates" to see a live preview of the templates while editing - when ready just click download.

markedsføring services

Settings - customize the output of the webapp
Design name
markedsføring services

No more manual calculations and typing of imagesizes, column widths and so on - this script will send you a ZIP download with:

  • A CSS file with styling information
  • 1 template file per column, image first
  • 1 template file per column, text first
  • Templates with and without text-wrap

All you need to do is populate the inputs with your data and click download.

Ideas for improvements

Do you have ideas or feedback? Send me a mail, or tweet me at Twitter.

  • Preview should have scaled images and lipsum text.
  • Generate a GIF image per template (Visual representation of the TPL file in Dynamicweb backend)
  • HTML 5 option - generate template files as HTML5, using section in place of div.
  • Option to input designname
  • Options for cropping mode
  • Include check for use of PNG (and others) in the templates and append file format to crop tool (to preserve transparancy)
  • Optional naming conventions of templates
  • Put settings into url, for sharing of templates

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Comments, ideas and so on: